Deliver the creative thinking, experiences and skills for you and your organisation to succeed in the Advanced Digital Economy and resolve your people, product or capability challenges.

  • Develop strategies with practical and actionable outcomes
  • Uncover high value insights through creative workshops, interviews and collaboration
  • Create purpose, values and principles to focus teams and drive spirit
  • Bridge business, technology and people to imagine and design new products, services and operational practices


We can teach you practical Creative Leadership skills, attitudes and practices that will help you and your team thrive. We deliver courses created especially for our leading educational partners ADMA (Association for Data- driven Marketing and Advertising), AMI (Australian Marketing Association) and Marketing Association of New Zealand. We are a Lead Assessor for Deakin Co across a range of creative, marketing, experience and communication credentials.

We can create tailor made training that can mix acquiring knowledge and practical skills with resolving real business challenges or driving applied innovation.

Our coaching is built on the core purpose of Varda Creative leadership of imagining the possibilities and crafting the practical to succeed in life with a friendly supportive style that will still challenge and deliver personal results.



Working collaboratively and adapting our unique workshop methods, we can bridge technology, culture and business operations to imagine the possibilities and craft the practical.

Organisations are facing rapidly changing environments in every industry sector: Dramatically evolving technology, shifting consumer dynamics to demanding flexible personalised experiences, increased global mobile competition and longer living leading to multiple careers for individuals.

With technology alone, there are multiple questions:  How to handle emerging technologies?  What will artificial intelligence mean to people, products and practices?  If consumers and staff demand mobile cloud access how does that change my IT teams? And how will immersive experiences like virtual reality and augmented reality impact what I create for consumers?

We don’t know the answers; however, we can help you collaborate, imagine and craft to seek insights and solutions.


Our purpose for Varda Creative Leadership is simply  imagining the possibilities and crafting the practical to succeed in life.

We equip you with the creative thinking, tools, skills and experiences so you can connect, collaborate and thrive in the Advanced Digital Economy.

Contact us now to discover how we can support your business and personal goals in a creative, strategic, efficient and fun way.