Vårda is the Swedish word that means nourish and care for, whilst Varda is the old Swedish way of saying to become.

Vårda and Varda are simply the core themes behind our business purpose.  Varda Creative Leadership is all about nurturing the actions, skills and attitudes to help you become good creative leaders.  By adopting these ways, you and your team and your organisation can become more people-centric in decision-making . This will translate to simple and practical ways to get the most out of the Advanced Digital Economy.

The purpose of Varda Creative Leadership is imagining the possibilities and crafting the practical to succeed in life.  We equip you with the creative thinking, tools, skills and experiences so you can connect, collaborate and thrive in the Advanced Digital Economy.



As part of our nurturing philosophy, we have also taken onboard another Swedish word: fika.  In Sweden in many companies it is common for workers to have a designated time each working day to sit down and fika.

Fika is a time where people get together to chat, have a coffee or tea and even eat sweet treats. It is a practice that is deeply ingrained in the culture and working environment.

Ikea even has this message on their website “fika – a little Swedish word with a lot of meaning. It is a treasured Swedish tradition of taking moments together over coffee and baked treats.”

For us the essence of fika flows through our Creative Leadership approach. The art of stopping what you are doing, listening to your colleagues, sharing conversations and caring about how you do things we believe leads to better business efficiency and a more fun, collaborative and cohesive  environment.



Paul Whybrow our Managing Director, has over 30 years’ experience in the media and entertainment industry.

He has worked for the BBC, Channel 7, Fairfax Media and Foxtel. His experience extends from creative and production through to senior leadership and leading product operations and innovation.

He has led teams in the consulting and technology outsourcing industry and has a passion for developing practical people skills.


Asheley Jones is our educational and training advisor and is Director and Senior Consultant at Zena Consulting.

She has more than two decades’ experience in the education, technology and professional service sectors. Asheley has a proven track record in developing and implementing a variety of educational programs within the higher education, VET and executive professional development sphere.  An SFIA (Skills Framework for the Information Age) accredited trainer and consultant with significant experience in the analysis, design and implementation of workforce readiness solutions.